Di Bosco

Sourcing the di Bosco Coffee Beans

14th July 2017 Uncategorised 0

Our journey begins sourcing our rich full bodied di Bosco beans in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We saw plenty of di Bosco Cafes en route and the plantation’s facilities are very impressive.  From washing to drying the beans……sorting and roasting them…….bagging and labelling…….

We look forward to bringing this fabulous fair trade coffee to the UK very soon.

Heading out to Chiang Mai
Local Di Bosco Cafes on route to the plantation
Another Local Di Bosco
Finally arriving at the Di Bosco Plantation
At the Plantation
At the Di Bosco plantion
Examining the Di Bosco coffee trees
Beans, 3 months before harvest..
Examining the Di Bosco coffee trees
Local village equipment
Local village equipment
Washing the coffee beans
Beans being dried out on the roof!
New factory
The new factory site
Factory equpment
Factory Equipment
Roasting machine
Roasting machine
Fridge storage
Walk in fridge storge
My Di Bosco Photographer
Coffee Testing!