Orangery Update

So from an old beer garden to a beautiful modern Orangery. The transformation is almost complete…. many, many problems along the way but just look at it now! NEARLY THERE

13th November 2017 0


A busy month making progress on all fronts, particularly the Orangery…… but we’ll update you on that at the weekend! The most exciting development is that the first tonne of beans, carefully selected only a few months ago, have been roasted, packed and flown in from Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, ready for the opening of…
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13th November 2017 0

Come rain, hail or shine……

Despite a lot of rain recently, we have continued to work as best we can on the last two major projects. We are determined to be open asap now, and here are some more updated pictures from outside di Bosco, showing further development of the Orangery and Car Park. We are nearly there and would…
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13th November 2017 0

Work in Progress!

While we start hiring senior staff, meeting with suppliers, creating delicious menus, crafting cocktail lists and selecting Champagnes……… work continues on all fronts at  the di Bosco Coffee and Champagne Bar. These pictures have been taken over the last couple of weeks and show the bar framework, the steel roof structure for the Orangery, the…
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8th September 2017 0

Goodbye Sainsbury’s ……Hello di Bosco!!

As you can see from the original plans on the left, Sainsbury’s were going to build a 4,000 sq ft store on the car park. At the time of buying The Ship, we realised it would have left us short on parking facilities, but our priority was converting the Ship to our di Bosco Coffee…
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21st August 2017 0

Our New Porch

OK……..Who’s seen it? Well, it’s finally fitted…..  our beautiful logo window! After agonising for ages over the old porch, which can be seen in the original photo, we decided it had to be completely replaced. The water ingress had caused so much damage to that part of The Ship, that realistically we had no choice.…
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13th August 2017 0


So while digging away at various parts of the site we came across all sorts of old glass bottles…….. goodness knows what the ‘poison’ bottle was all about?!! Any ideas? Some were buried 10′ deep (3 metres in today’s money!) and some were actually in wall cavities. These will all be on display in the…
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10th August 2017 0

Let’s have an Orangery!!

One of our dreams, which is now rapidly becoming a reality, was to build an Orangery. Bringing the outside, inside. So, we measured, dug, drew and planned. Now we have the footings down and over the next 2 weeks you will see the frame take shape.   Amazingly, on starting to prepare the outside wall…
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4th August 2017 0

New Roof!

External work is also well underway at our new di Bosco Site…. We removed the old Yorkshire stone roof, some of which was over 200 years old and replaced it with brand new ‘Indian Stone’ tiles. We were determined to keep in touch with the original, historic character of the building. In addition to which,…
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28th July 2017 0

Revealing the Stable (Old Pool Room)

One of our first tasks indoors was to get to grips with the old pool room.Evidence of years and years of damp meant that we had to remove the plasterboard walls……….and what we found took our breath away!! The original stable and wheat store (complete with 200 year old grains) built sometime around 1792……. There was…
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24th July 2017 0