Di Bosco

Goodbye Sainsbury’s ……Hello di Bosco!!

21st August 2017 Uncategorised 0

As you can see from the original plans on the left, Sainsbury’s were going to build a 4,000 sq ft store on the car park.¬†

At the time of buying The Ship, we realised it would have left us short on parking facilities, but our priority was converting the Ship to our di Bosco Coffee and Champagne Bar, and we thought we’d be able to ‘borrow’ some spaces anyway!

So, imagine our surprise when, within weeks of the Ship purchase being completed, Sainsbury’s pulled out of their development and we had a chance to acquire the car park.

The decision wasn’t difficult!!

Our plan, on the right,  shows how the car park is going to be laid out, with the access/egress, layout, lighting and walkway to di Bosco.

It also shows the positioning of the Orangery, outdoor seating and landscaping.

Work on this starts next week……… oh, and one other thing, all the 40 parking spaces will be bigger than the average supermarket spaces….

How does that sound?